FreemanWhite Academy


FreemanWhite’s in-house education program serves as a vehicle for continuing education. Classes are directed to each member of the firm and are available at all offices across the country. The majority of the instructors are members of FreemanWhite’s professional team who share their knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics. As an added benefit, FreemanWhite is a Registered Provider of Education through the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), so our licensed members enjoy the in-house convenience of earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) needed to meet annual licensing requirements.

In 2002, FreemanWhite was honored to receive the AIA/CES Award for Excellence, the industry’s most prestigious education award.

Additionally, weekly vendor sponsored lunches serve to educate staff members on the latest developments in construction materials and techniques. These courses also provide staff members with the opportunity to earn CEUs toward annual license renewal requirements.

Emerging Professionals Program

FreemanWhite recognizes the importance of career development for our professional staff and understands the critical role that the firm assumes in this process. This is especially true with regard to our emerging professionals, who are focused on completing the Intern Development Program (IDP) and taking the architectural licensing examination (ARE). FreemanWhite’s Emerging Professionals Group (EPG) was specifically organized to provide support and encouragement for each of our emerging professionals as they navigate the requirements of IDP toward successful completion of the ARE. The group meets monthly, sharing experiences and support and providing assistance during this critical time in their career development. The EPG is directed by C. William Bevins, FAIA who has a depth of knowledge and experience with the licensure process, having served as national President of both the National Council of Architectural Registrations Boards (NCARB) and the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

Emerging Professionals

NCARB’s IDP process is a rigorous curriculum of experiential learning that spans all aspects of architectural practice and requires a coordinated effort by both the firm and the intern to ensure that all learning units are attained. FreemanWhite is committed to ensuring that each of our emerging professionals is afforded every opportunity to gain this critical experience within his/her employment activities. Each individual has an experienced staff architect who serves as a mentor and advisor, periodically reviewing the intern’s IDP learning units attained as well as developing strategies to meet those learning areas still to be completed. An example of FreemanWhite’s commitment is specifically demonstrated in the construction administration learning area where our EPG participates in periodic outings to various project construction sites with our project staff. These site visits provide exposure to ongoing and active construction projects, allowing the intern to observe and experience the importance of construction monitoring, on-site communication skills, and construction issue resolution.

As individuals move beyond IDP into the critical aspects of preparing for the ARE, the EPG becomes a resource of information with ARE study aids, planned group study sessions, and open forums where personal ARE experiences are shared. FreemanWhite provides its emerging professionals compensated time off to take the ARE, and once successfully completed, reimburses 100% of exam fees.