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How to Catch More Illegal Weapons at ED Security: Expert Advice

How to catch more illegal guns at hospital emergency department security

May 6, 2015  |  David Martin and Kathy Clarke

“Security presence” in the emergency department can be as simple as an officer sitting in a chair at the greeter desk. Or it can be as involved as a metal detector, a canine team, and ambulance patient wanding. The level of security that is right for your hospital is best determined by local security and… | Read More

Incarcerated Patients in the Emergency Department: How Safe is Your Facility?

March 18, 2015  |  David Martin and Kathy Clarke

Many emergency departments (EDs) care for the types of detained patients who require a legal blood draw to validate alcohol intoxication levels, or who sustain injuries from an altercation. However, a select group of emergency departments service a substantial volume of medium to maximum security patients brought from local, state, and federal prisons for emergency… | Read More