Honoring Nurses in Celebration of National Nurses Week

May 6, 2014  |  Dennis Robert

Every weekday, weekend, and holiday, more than three million nurses give of themselves tirelessly. If you have ever had to tend to a child in an emergency or have spent time working with a parent during an illness, you can certainly understand the impact nurses have. How grateful we are for the compassionate caregivers who heal our family members, friends, and ourselves.

This week, we honor nurses in celebration of National Nurses Week. At FreemanWhite, we have the privilege of working with nursing staff on our design teams. We attribute our firm’s ability to meet our clients’ needs to the understanding of clinical operations that they bring.

Our nurses have helped us to become better architects because they see the work we do through the eyes of patients and staff. Their conscientious view of how patients experience physical space has taught us innumerable ways of enhancing their comfort.

We have worked with many nurses over the years and will feature their stories throughout the week on our blog. We hope you too will recognize the nurses who make a difference in your hospital and your life.




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