Hybrid Operating Rooms: Dual-Track User Meetings

August 12, 2014  |  Brian Adams

One reason hybrid operating room renovations are so challenging is the number of consultants and vendors involved. This week we discuss seven techniques we have found to be effective in bringing a project to market quickly with minimal headaches.

While some would assert that it’s better to have all parties participate in every meeting, we find that speed of delivery improves when there are separate clinical and technical meetings.

In the clinical meeting track, users determine the layout of the room and its basic parameters and uses. In the technical track, users discuss “nuts and bolts” items – such as which boom has which gases – with the participation from one clinical team representative.

The advantage of having separate tracks is that users focus on their areas of interest, without having to spend time on discussions that are not as relevant to their roles. Streamlining user involvement improves decision-maker participation at meetings, resulting in more rapid decisions that ultimately expedite the schedule.

Tomorrow’s topic:   Full-Scale Mockups and Equipment Decision-Making

Download our hybrid operating room design guide: Faster Hybrid Operating Room Speed to Market and Fewer Construction Headaches with Seven Proven Techniques

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