Ambulatory Care

By emphasizing patient service, quality, and cost, healthcare reform is facilitating an evolution away from a hospital-based healthcare system toward multifaceted ambulatory-based initiatives. This is significant. Ambulatory operational models and expectations differ greatly from traditional inpatient environments.

In response to these changes in the market, FreemanWhite has rapidly altered our operational models, programming metrics, cost estimating, and physical designs to reflect leaner, more efficient and consumer friendly investor-based business models. We focus on exceeding our clients’ speed to market expectations and cost savings through the deployment of dedicated ambulatory expertise and design teams.

FreemanWhite believes facility designs should be highly substantiated, operate efficiently, and possess a cost effective beauty that positively impacts healing and the overall patient and care provider experience. In response, we develop planning “bookends” to accommodate an appropriate range of utilization for each client. As we advocate for leaner ambulatory designs based on quality, efficiency, and satisfaction metrics, FreemanWhite continues to develop data analytics to forecast changes to physical space needs and the architectural solutions to enhance them. Effectiveness, adaptability, and flexibility are hallmarks of our solutions.