The need for a right-sized, efficient, and flexible platform for Surgical Services has never been more important. Over the last decade, surgery’s contribution to an organization’s overall financial health has incentivized providers to focus on its programmatic components and efficiency gains.

As case volumes continue to shift to the outpatient arena, hospital-based surgeries face greater competition from freestanding surgical centers. These changes are influenced by better anesthesia, increased adoption of minimally invasive techniques, changing reimbursements, and the need to provide care in less costly environments. Surgeon shortage will only further increase the need for increased productivity, efficiency, and focus on lucrative procedures and patients.

From a technological perspective, opportunities for increased revenue with the deployment of new hybrid innovations and the development of new applications for existing technology will assist hospitals in sustaining current volumes while slowly advancing market advantage in key service lines such as cardiovascular, orthopedics, and general surgery. These technologies underscore the need to provide facility solutions that adhere to best practice standards while accommodating the the advancement of clinical innovations.

FreemanWhite is at the forefront of these surgical practice patterns and their impacts on operations, design, and outcomes. Our strategic planners rigorously test utilization targets, market share projections, competitor analysis, and physician profiling to develop strategic goals and initiatives that are based on solid assumptions and long-term viability. Similarly, our design team utilizes market position and strategic priorities, data analysis, and confirmation of operational and strategic targets to quantify efficient space needs and develop flexible, adaptable facility designs.

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