Project Description

Atrium Health Cabarrus MRI Replacement

A Safer MRI Environment and an Elevated Imaging Experience

Faced with a myriad of safety compliance problems with the existing MRI vault, Carolinas Medical Center-NorthEast engaged FreemanWhite to retrofit the MRI suite to improve safety, upgrade aesthetics, create a better patient flow, and provide for handicapped accessibility.

To create the appropriate safety zones, the design team moved the vault door, which necessitated creation of a new door, changes to the vault shielding, and modifications to patient flow and entry sequence. As a final safety measure, the team installed ferrogard sensors at the vault door.

FreemanWhite’s design team created an environment that minimizes anxiety and instills confidence in the quality of care. Extending the patient-focused aesthetic to the vault itself, Caring Suite technologies provide customizable and programmable audio, visual, and lighting controls. The integrated digital system allows patients to control their environments and even includes a docking station to play music from personal devices. Similarly, the ceiling-mounted plasma TV is able to show movies, home videos, or a slide show of family photos.

Challenged by a tight site and crane position, the installation occurred over a weekend. The FreemanWhite/Rodgers team worked with Philips and GE to coordinate the necessary rigging equipment for the extraction of the existing equipment and installation of the new.

During construction, the hospital shifted volume to another MRI on site.


Project Details


Concord, NC


4,000 sf

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