Project Description

Carolinas Medical Center-Northeast

Creative Upgrades Help Maintain Market-Share

To compete for women’s services against other regional providers, Carolinas Medical Center-NorthEast undertook an aesthetic upgrade to their existing mother/baby units. All patient rooms received top-to-bottom finish upgrades, and the former pediatrics rooms also received toilet room upgrades to meet adult patient care requirements. Most notable is the replacement of the existing bathtubs with tiled showers.

Reorganizing the entry and circulation provides a better sense of presence for arriving mothers. Facility improvements for staff included relocating and reorienting nurse stations to provide control points and visualization of entry/exits, improve access to patients, and increase time at the bedside. In addition, a series of minor renovations re-purposed space to better meet staff needs and addressed areas so severely deficient as to be impractical.


Project Details


Concord, NC


66,800 sf

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