Project Description

Grady Health Emergency Department

Translating Grady’s Mission Into Physical Space

Grady Health’s mission to serve is reflected in all aspects of FreemanWhite’s emergency department design solution. The redesigned ED, which incorporates both phased renovation in place and new construction, will offer a total of 89 new, private treatment spaces to serve an expected 135,000 acute, behavioral, and detention patients annually. The department will be built on two levels, with street access to walk-in and ambulance patients on ground level and basement level access to a holding and detention area for prisoners who will be treated in the ED and in other parts of the hospital.

The main ED will flex to serve both “vertical” and acute patients and will include immediate access to two radiology rooms and two CT rooms. Universal treatment rooms will be visible from chart work areas, as clinical support areas move to the perimeter of each work zone. Significant comfortably designed subwait space will be available to manage patient flow and surges in volume to as many as 400 patients daily. As many patients face socioeconomic and access challenges, the new department will include patient navigation services immediately adjacent to a Fast Track /Vertical area and the main exit corridor.


Project Details


Atlanta, GA


97,000 sf

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