Project Description

Huntington Hospital Outpatient Pavilion

Moving Outpatient Services Off Campus

Following master planning for outpatient services, FreemanWhite completed a series of tenant improvement projects to house outpatient facilities for oncology, imaging, women’s services, ambulatory surgery, cardiology, neurology, and APT/registration/lab. Developing a design solution that embodies the hospital’s patient-centered care approach in each space was of paramount importance.

The new Cancer Center houses three linear accelerator vaults, CT simulator, and an appearance center providing information and resources to cancer patients in order to help them look and feel their best during and after treatment. FreemanWhite conducted process mapping of the entire workflow to improve overall efficiencies, identify opportunities for implementing and integrating technology into the workflow, and encourage staff to think outside of their current processes.

The Women’s Center provides a full complement of screening and diagnostic facilities, including mammography, ultrasound, exam, and stereotactic biopsy. The design minimizes patient and staff travel distances, reduces patient anxiety, segregates non-gowned visits from high-volume / short-duration gowned screening visits and longer, more stressful gowned diagnostic and follow-up visits.

The Imaging Center features two MRIs utilizing the latest technology, two CTs, and two X-ray. FreemanWhite developed the circulation and configuration based on length of visit, patient volume, and reducing patient stress. To enhance the sense of personal attention and reduce congestion that might contribute to patient anxiety, the higher volume modalities are located closer to the main waiting and reception areas while those with lower volumes and longer patient visits are farther from the main waiting area.

Also included in the project is a third-floor Ambulatory Surgery Center that houses six ORs for orthopedics, ophthalmology, and MIS, as well as space for cardiology and neurology.


Project Details


Pasadena, CA


67,000 sf

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