Project Description

Mount Nittany Medical Center Emergency Department

Planned to Accommodate Volume Surges

The phased expansion increases the size of the emergency department from approximately 28 to over 60 treatment spaces. It accommodates volume surges through a combination of private and semi-private rooms in four flexible nursing pods.

The new ED is organized into three main 12-room nursing pods that can flex to accommodate 16 patients, as well as a fourth Basic Care Pod consisting of 4 protocol rooms and 4 general treatment rooms that can flex to a total volume of 12 patients. For each of the three main pods, the flex capacity is realized through a mix of private and semiprivate rooms that allow each pod to expand to 16 patient care spaces in the event of volume surges.

Each care team pod is designed to provide comfort and treatment for diverse patient acuities while providing staffing efficiencies. The universal treatment rooms include a mix of general care, bariatric rooms, GYN rooms, and isolation rooms with an adjacent ante room. Part of the old ED was renovated to accommodate a new MRI room and two new radiology rooms adjacent to the existing MRI. Also included in the new construction were a roof-top helipad with dedicated elevator access and a mechanical penthouse.


Project Details


State College, PA


43,700 sf

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