Project Description

Mount Sinai Health System

Cost-Effective Solutions to Complex Challenges

The Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice repurposed a 1920s parking garage in a prominent Manhattan location to capture new, highly competitive market share.

The project includes six floors of faculty practice suites for dermatology, primary care, sports medicine, pulmonary, and head & neck, as well as a woman’s health center. Patient support (clinics and lab facilities) and administrative support (offices, conference rooms, and building support services) are included.

Creative reuse through thoughtful design transformed this structure with cost effective solutions responding to the current healthcare environment. The plan is organized around a simple, compact core to maximize efficiency and future flexibility, to assist in way finding, and to reduce construction costs. 

Interior design elements feature timeless, durable and neutral finishes. Accents of bold color provide visual interest, aesthetic diversity, and branding for the individual tenants. Additionally, the dynamic color scheme contrasts beautifully with the flood of natural light, elegant lines, and spatial organization of the building’s public areas.


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New York, New York



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