Project Description

New Mount Pleasant Hospital

Utilizing Manufactured Components to Minimize Costs

Development of the new 85-bed Mount Pleasant Hospital required thoughtful engineering planning to meet initial needs while considering future campus expansion. The MEP systems include a pre-manufactured rooftop central energy plant and three air handling units. The CEP houses boilers, chillers, heat recovery chiller, pumps, and associated equipment. The heat recovery chiller was designed to re-claim the heat generated by the chiller to pre-heat domestic water and building heating water for re-heat coils in the terminal boxes. Condensate from cooling coils is piped to the cooling tower as part of the make-up water system.

The rooftop air handling units were custom designed units with redundant supply air fans. The main electrical switchgear room is located in the Central Electrical Building on campus remote from the hospital. The building houses double ended 480v dual 4000A MCB switchgear, 6000A paralleling switchgear, 10 ATS’s, 2-1500kW generators and a prepared bay for a third generator. The hospital has 100% emergency power to all critical care areas.


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Mount Pleasant, SC

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