Project Description

St. Joseph’s/Candler Façade Replacement

Unifying Facilities to Enhance Patient Experience

The purpose of the façade replacement is to remedy the failure of the existing tower skin and brick ties while unifying the appearance between several existing exterior treatments.

In addition, the exterior renovation has been designed to improve thermal performance, eliminate moisture penetration, and improve seismic and wind resistance.

To ensure a coherent solution, the design team selected three different products from the same manufacturer that have compatible load requirements, maintenance regimes, warranties, and lead times. The panel system has minimal impact on facility operations during construction and offers the ability to keep patient rooms in service.

A ribbon window design allows for the possibility of a future patient room window enlargement.Vertical steel members reminiscent of the iconic Savannah spires improve way finding, reflect the facility history, and increase the landmark recognition of the tower. A symbolic red marque has been added to the front facade closest to the public waiting areas that reflects the Christian heritage and values of the hospital system. Brand identity is communicated by the St Joseph’s Candler healthcare logo facing the front and Abercorn Extension side.


Project Details


Savannah, GA


108,000 sf

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