Project Description

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

Freestanding ED for Specialty Patients

The new freestanding emergency department provides convenient access to emergency care, and the design responds to the unique needs of geriatric and pediatric patients with separate entrances and waiting areas for these specific populations.

To reduce stress on pediatric and geriatric patients, the new facility features a separate entrance and interactive waiting area for children and their families. Similarly, the design incorporates dimmed lighting, low-glare flooring, and stretchers with thicker mattresses to make geriatric patients more comfortable. The design of the facility celebrates the classical forms and warm materials used by the adjacent facilities by using them to define the adult emergency entrance. The pediatric entrance “puts on our kid gloves” by creating informal geometries, incorporating colored and textured glass, and placing LCD color changing screens behind the curtain wall to create an inviting entry.

The interior spaces focus on creating a nonclinical and uplifting environment with the use of warm and natural materials and the controlled diffusion of natural light into the facility. A high tech, high touch feel is reinforced through the inclusion of state-of-the-art registration and waiting amenities, planning that facilitates optimized throughput and thereby reduces wait times, and a customized concierge service model. Interior design elements aid in way finding and cater to the specific needs of the various user groups, including geriatric and pediatric patients.


Project Details


Tallahassee, FL


30,000 sf

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