Project Description

Vidant Medical Center Pediatric Palliative Care Unit

Compassionate Comfort for Young Patients

The Pediatric Palliative Care Unit provides a pleasant, patient-centered, compassionate environment to comfort both patients and families. Several design elements serve to alleviate the anxiety of patients and their families and friends. The angled head wall allows the patient an increased view of the suite and garden while clinical elements, such as medical gases and an equipment closet located near the patient bed, are concealed. Positive distractions were imperative for the success of this room. Unique architectural soffits with crystal-light lens allow for playful light designs on the ceiling. An artistic chandelier is centered over the round window and glows whimsically against the night sky. A custom designed half-round fish tank is installed between the patient room and the family room, allowing enjoyment of this feature throughout the space.

To access the adjacent prayer garden, the suiteā€™s patio doors open fully, allowing the queen-sized pediatric patient bed to be rolled outside.


Project Details


Greenville, NC


1,265 sf