The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed health systems, and the costs associated with treating these patients have cut into systems’ bottom lines. Many non-clinical staff are working remotely for their and patients’ safety, causing an excess of space that is not currently being utilized and may be under consideration for repurposing, reconfiguration, or potential for revenue generation. As a result, many systems are faced with delaying or reprioritizing their capital expenditures, reassessing their portfolios, evaluating unused space due to practice changes, and rethinking their short- and long-term plans.

FreemanWhite’s Rapid Response Asset Planning tool provides health systems quantitative clarification regarding their strategic initiatives for ambulatory service lines and facilities in response to COVID-19. Rapid Response Asset Planning allows health systems to assess the benefits and disadvantages of reorganizing, consolidating, or renovating their facility assets.

  • FreemanWhite can advise and provide a ranking of:
  • Existing asset evaluation: Building age, aesthetics, room quantities, and size in comparison to national benchmarks
  • Patient access: Parking and site conditions, navigation, conflicts with staff/service flow
  • Engineered infrastructure and constraints limiting operations and/or growth
  • Space to be reapportioned due to non-clinical staff working remotely
  • Flexibility for different and future functional programs
  • Evaluation and merits of leased vs. owned facilities
  • High-level operational evaluation:
    • Hours of operation
    • Provider quantities and preferred percentiles of productivity
    • Patient procession
    • Provider to exam room ratios
    • Specialty needs for specialty clinics
    • Provider in-clinic vs. in-hospital time
    • Telehealth vs face-to-face visits
    • Visit capacity per exam room

FreemanWhite’s service is provided through:

  • On-site visit to each asset location
  • Survey of asset lead (facility and operations managers for each location)
  • Follow-up conversation with an asset lead to ascertain primary challenges
  • Clarification of Owner’s strategic initiatives for service lines

FreemanWhite will overlay your strategic initiatives with a phased plan of action to align future growth and service line alterations, if they are determined to be necessary. Conceptual facility renovation planning and operational opportunities for improvement to accommodate changes in healthcare delivery will be incorporated into proposed square footage needs.